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Microblading, also known as 3D Hair Strokes, is a new method of eyebrow tattoo that mimics the look of real hair and lasts for 12-18 months.

  • Fill in sparse areas or "bald patches" in your brows

  • Make brows look fuller and thicker

  • Darken blonde or light brows

  • Correction of old eyebrow tattoo

  • Correct uneven brow shape to make them more symmetrical or

  • Create a whole new brow if you have little or no eyebrow hair

  • Great for alopecia or trichotillomania sufferers!


MEMBER $ 300



  • 20-Minute Consultation and Pre-Drawing of the Brow Shape

  • Initial Procedure (Done on same day as consultation)

  • FREE After Care Balm

Touch Up After 6-8 Weeks To Perfect Color and Shape



Additional Touch Up



Consultation without Procedure



20-Minute Consultation and Pre-Drawing of the Brow Shape

Consultation fee is deducted from price of procedure

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Microblading is a TWO-STEP process.  The first step is the initial procedure and the second step is your 6 week follow up visit!


After the procedure, the area treated will be darker and more intense, this is normal. This will last a few days until the skin heals and peels and naturally exfoliates and the true color emerges.



In the first week as the scabs form in order to heal, they may look even darker/thicker due to some swelling.



The 2nd and 3rd week you may think they even disappeared altogether (this is due to the new skin

forming over the treated area).



Week 4 is where natural exfoliation has happened and the color emerges. Generally, only the client will notice the changes. It will look like you had your eyebrows tinted that day

(which looks darker initially).


Other people may notice ‘something’ is different, but they are unlikely to identify the source of the difference. The brows may also appear thicker than you might like, however, this settles after 10 days, as swelling recedes and the hair stroke will shorten as a result. Swelling/edema is really very minimal; however, it must be mentioned that some swelling happens.


It's a 2-step process and the 2 visits MUST be completed to achieve the semi-permanent brow. 
If you do not return for your 2nd visit it is half a job done and a less than satisfactory result obtained, which is a waste of your money. 


A few days after your procedure you may feel that the strokes are hard to see.  Below are example presentations of what the eyebrows may look like between your first and your second visit.  


DON'T PANIC!  This is a normal healing process and fully expected.  After your second visit you will love your new eyebrows and are set for about a year.  

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